Song Channel Views Subs
A song she wrote for a friend of hers.一番星 たぬきいぬ。 35 75
The melody of the corus in this one sounds really familiar but I can't quite put my finger on it.ハンカチ きつつきの部屋 37 16
Really like her sound aswellI i-da 57 98
Quite soft vocals.恋心 orangemarmalade 154 704
Cute voice, though this is the only original song performed by her.ひとりぼっちとダメ人間 しょくぱん。 445 521
An older woman, at least compared to most others on this list, makes her voice stand out.わたしはここにいる のん 30 33
She has a nice and clear voice.朝が来る街 つづみneko&guitar 205 525
A very positive song!雨があがったよ AKARI 210 342
Fell in love with this song instantly. mimikawa 1399 535
A very atmospheric song, with english lyrics.i didnt know that i was falling Stop Sign 1049 70
I like her voice a bunch.【街の怪物】 sakurako 419 360
『いつかのワルツ』 Lira 257 254
A nice tone.手紙 宮本沙也佳 185 337
A very soothing sound.AM2:00 すぎはらけい 289 396
A channel on the smaller side, I like her voice.『 あい 』 來奈〖らな〗 21 39
She has a nice and clear voice.LIFE 梨菜music channel 138 301
Short but nice.休息 わたしのうたキロク 126 50
I quite like this groups vibe.タビビト CLAYMANS 865 318
Another shorter song.愛に似たもの こいちゃん 732 315
A calm expressive voice.名前 夕葵 791 70
Soft and kind type of voice.オレンジが消えた日 いむいぱぴ子 505 252
A somewhat enka-like sound.枯水仙 ふたりごと 246 68
I like her voice, and the harmonica(?) on the backing track is really nice.いつか またね 【現役医学生シンガー】kotomi🐣 53 108
I like her sound and the dog is also cute.星になった君へ 百音 362 311
A good song with nice vocals.春風を纏う 7 6 3 284 691
A familar feel, somehow.夏の隙間 雑人間暮らし 283 287
A very clear voice.星のカケラ Ohana 145 88
She has a nice voice, and she sometimes does livestreams. Crows are my favorite birds too.ブルーデイジー Crow 206 178
A kind feeling sound. She deleted all her music :c I'm keeping it here anyway, hopefully she reuploads them.満月 ほに 78 112
Soft and cute vocals. はっぴ〜えんどれすな日々 95 122
English lyrics with kinda funky bassline.SECRET GARDEN かじょつべちゃんねる 29 12
Its a somewhat melancholic song.ひとりぼっち Rei 301 516
Acoustic guitar accompanied by a lovely voice.おなはし なみ 356 104
The smallest channel here yet, I really like her sound and energy!ナレナイ みゆ 5 2
The instrumental is very midi-like (for better or for worse), but the singing is great.「ハイタッチ!」 愛奏【makana】 64 5
I especially like her artstyle!キエナイドア のらてら cm 39 18
I really like her sound, the instrumentals are really nice and her voice reminds me of Rumania Montevideo's Miyoshi MamiSometimes ヤヒロ電工と屋広偽太郎 23 15
I was first introduced to them trough their "what if Yakushimaru Etsuko sang X" covers, but their original songs rock as well. 待ってらんない あんにんどうふ党 653 746
One of the few english language channels, I just don't get them recommended to me too often. Chase The Mushroom Wire 5 15
Soothing melodies and voice~ ひととき Akari Fukuchi 101 34
I really like this groups sound, I'm surprised they aren't more popular. なつかぜ通り 地獄の吸血鬼ネコ 302 50
A gentle whispering voice, she has quite a few uploads too. ねむれない夜の歌 あまつ みな 77 80
A really cute duo, they went semi-viral (at least compared the the rest of the list). なんでもいいよ Uto 11039 442
Her voice reminds me of something, but I can't quite put my finger on it... ハズレ予報 杏蒔 227 52
Super cute voice! マリーゴールド 32 9
A more "mature" sound compared to most of the others on this list. ムーンライト Primitive Sue 268 23
Another soothing voice~ 悪戯 ゆめかも 106 344
A dreamy feeling, with a wonderful voice! 茶薔薇 苔ひこ 186 23
Acoustic guitars seem to be a theme in this list, lol エール 加納万記子 18 6
A performance by a group called Kaze no Mata Sunny helmed by Tetsuo Imanari. The channel also has some works by him aswell outside of this group, a lot of it has a mildly experimental feel to it. 民芸館 SNDRL / CNDRL WORKS 340 36
A really beautiful voice. Best Friends~いつかまたここで~ 下津 奈央 56 42
Another english one! Place2Be Bre 443 65
I love her, she has a great range, music and very cute art. しずかな toha 73 20
A soothing sound, found out later that shes also a friend of Yumekamo (ゆめかも) whos on this list too! 人魚姫 許して 94 34
A cute song, voice and art~ puppy ソラ 123 102
Such a gentle sound. SとN いーさん 180 14
It's english! I really like her voice. To My Love Who Doesn't Love Me LSD Theresa 30 112
This channel also does a lot of other stuff apart from music. バンドエイド うにうにチャンネル 125 158
Somehow, I'ts a nostalgic sound. 輝く星配る人 弾き語りさとこの動画保管庫 125 77
A nice and calming voice. あいのかたすみ わたまろ 126 138